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Why is ARS Bulgaria the preferred insurance broker and consultant when obtaining Trade Credit solutions?

Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy in Insuring Receivables

Specialized Team
  • ARS Bulgaria has developed local expertise in trade credit insurance for more than 10 years. We are the first broker to invest in a specialized team for insuring and managing receivables
  • We have broad experience and extensive knowledge in insuring and financing receivables, both in terms of local and international trade credit practices. We understand each business operates within its specific circumstances and it is our responsibility to structure insurance coverage which correspond to the specific business needs. Not only are our efforts aimed at negotiating attractive premium prices, but we also aim at improving overall policy terms & conditions, so that our clients receive maximum reimbursement avoiding delays and unnecessary paperwork
Our Team
  • Our team has expertise in structuring and negotiating credit insurance coverage for the whole World, holding expert knowledge in securing the credit risk, financing receivables and performing financial analysis of debtors, as well as juridical expertise and experience in collecting receivables and claims liquidation
Focus on Innovative Solutions
  • ARS Bulgaria benefits from established partnerships with A-level insurance companies and succeeds in negotiating many exceptions from their standard conditions as well as clauses unfamiliar to the local insurance market. Furthermore, harnessing our innovation mindset, we help our clients underwrite risks which have been deemed uninsurable until recently. We also structure solutions which improve the working capital of your business
Market Leader
  • ARS Bulgaria is the leading broker in insuring receivables with the highest market share. ARS works only with proven A-level insurance companies and depending on our clients’ needs and profile, we refer to either locally represented insurers or insurers based in London, Frankfurt or Brussels
Integration between Insurance and Bank Products

Integration between Insurance and Bank Products

Our long-term experience and expertise in banks, factoring companies and insurers, as well as diverse cases that we assist with on a daily basis, have built our confidence that we are able to effectively advise our clients how to successfully combine bank and insurance products covering the credit risk.

Assistance with Retaining Insurance Limits and Coverage

Assistance with Retaining Insurance Limits and Coverage

We navigate our clients through insurance terms & conditions so that they can potentially benefit from options of increased and sustained buyers’ limits and coverage. We are happy to advise you about how to best structure your credit transactions in order to stay fully covered without any breach to policies’ T&C.

Unparalleled Claims Management Assistance

Unparalleled Claims Management Assistance

ARS Bulgaria’s team assist our clients in the events when they experience protracted default from buyers.

We help with fraud prevention and help to avoid commercial disputes, as well as rectify any shortcomings in commercial and insurance documentation in a timely manner.